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Concealed  Carry  Course

The Florida Conceal Carry Course will cover the necessary laws, rules and regulations and proper transport and storage of firearms. If you plan on traveling and wish to carry your firearm, you will be required to have an active C.C.W


Concealed Carry 
Upcoming Dates:

05/25     6-8 PM

06/22      6-8 PM

07/20      6-8 PM

08/24      6-8 PM

09/21      6-8 PM


Concealed Carry Course

This is a 3 hour course and upon completion, you will be able to apply for your concealed weapons permit.


Included in the CCW Course

  • Classes & Materials

  • Certification Issue

Why do you need these requirements?

This is State of Florida Department of Agriculture requirements to successfully apply to recieve your Concealed Carry License. 


What Our Students Say

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Cynthia A,

Very knowledgeable and admiral staff ! Quality training that is informative and interactive. As for the security side of things, you will always feel safe and secure. HIGHLY RECOMMEND !!!

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