About Black Hawk Security School & Services

Black Hawk Sec.1 (B. -1800154)

Located in Port St. Lucie, Florida

Welcome to Black Hawk. Over the years, the owners have compiled an impressive array of national credentials that have allowed them to build up a solid reputation based on integrity, quality, and experience. Each member of our squad is experienced and dedicated, and together we make up a skilled and well-rounded team. We’re serious about our work, holding all information provided by clients in strict confidence. Keep reading to learn about special qualities that set us apart, past case studies, services provided, and more.

About the Instructors

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Detective Demers


Mr. Demers's first experience in firearms started at the age of 5 when his father, a decorated Marine taught him the safe and exciting world of hunting and the outdoors. Demers went on to pursue an undergraduate degree in Legal studies at Barry University. His career afforded him opportunities to work within a variety of local and state government agencies. Today, Demers bears multiple titles to include Extradition Agent, Criminal and Forensic Investigator, State of Florida licensed Security Instructor and holds multiple State Licenses. Demers was an investigator for Florida's 19th Judicial Circuit and was a nationally recognized investigator for the second largest Global Security employer, second only to The United States Government.

Demers is also a certified instructor in multiple disciplines to include executive protection, armed and unarmed security, first aide, and beginner to advanced level law enforcement tactical training. Mr. Demers is bilingual and speaks, reads and writes Spanish fluently

Owner / Agent / Investigator


Roland Demers

Owner / Agent / Investigator


Edgardo Del Valle

Associate / Trainer / Ret GySgt

Mr. Del Valle is a 20 year veteran of the Marine Corp. During his time in the Marines, he gained the uncanny knowledge and skills that give his trainees an unmatched learning experience. Native Resident of Florida Mr. Del Valle decided to continue his passion in instruction firearm safety, armed and unarmed security, and partner up with Mr. Demers forming the ultimate instructing team. Mr. Del Valle is bilingual and speaks, reads, and writes Spanish fluently. 



  • USMC Marine Combat instructor 11 years

  • Combat Marksmanship instructor over 10 years 

  • Military Martial Art instructor 10 years 

  • Watch Officer/ Watch Chief Certified 

  • Substance abuse control officer 12 years 


Florida Certifications

  • ” DI “Instructor for D Unarmed Security Guards

  • “K “Firearms Instructor for G Armed Security for Florida 

Florida State Notary